• We train our students to learn to find answers and enable them to realize what they do and why they do.
  • More oriented on thought processes than just content


  • What they do and why they do.
  • Focused on thought, not content, less concerned on what to learn and more concerned woth how to think and how to learn.

What we are best at:

  • Montessori methods of learning & teaching for up to Class II.
  • More than teaching our children with just the regular books and black board, we also provide them an environment that is conducive for expanding their thoughts, develop ideas and convert ideas into action.
  • Supplemented by periodically updated Montessori materials, our children get to expose themselves to blended methods of learning as a result of which excelling becomes a habit.
  • Our library is always filled with books from different countries which are more attractive and easy to learn, especially for the primary classes. We organize regular library sessions to inculcate habit of reading in children.
  • Extra–curricular activities such as Music, Yoga, Sports, Karate etc., are part and parcel of the curriculum that are being given equal importance as academics since 1999.
  • Full–fledged club activities involving clubs from core subject content combined with book club and consumer club are conducted every month with complete participation from students. The club activities are conducted with the intent of enabling our students to become prepared to face the society with confidence and be able to mingle with their peers socially.
  • Festivals held across multiple states of our country are celebrated at our school to make our children aware of our country’s ethnicity and to develop increased sense of patriotism.
  • Sports day, Annual day & Expo are organized in order to bring out our children’s best talents.
  • We also celebrate a special day called ‘Grandparents day’ wherein our students and their grandparents are invited to participate. This is done with the main focus to strengthen their relationship and to consistently impart the value of elders in the progress of a child’s life.
  • Next, we celebrate Chrysalis day yearly– a day to reflect and exhibit our students’ learning and comprehension. We have several components pinned to this event such as “look within”, “look deep”, “look beyond”, “look around”, “hands on”, “think and ink” etc. Parents are welcomed to see their children bring out the best of their potential and abilities.
  • Monthly talent shows are conducted in order to bring out innate talents in our children and to motivate them to participate passionately.
  • We offer B.Ed and Montessori training programmes. Special training sessions are conducted for these courses with well-trained staffs.


We have taken a step forward towards maintaining a clean campus and a better environment by installing incinerator equipment in our school, which is used to dispose sanitary napkins. It burns the napkins, giving out minimum compostable waste; we hope this comes as happy news to women members of our staff and our dear girl students.