Mrs. Malathy Sridharan B.E, M.S

Managing Trustee, Correspondent & Senior Principal

A brief introduction to Ms. Malathy Sridharan, Correspondent, Venkateshwara Matric School, Tirumullaivoyal

Ms. Malathy Sridharan, is fundamentally an Engineering graduate with vast experience in the field of education since 1994. She became a part of this fraternity, taking after her mother, who founded the school in the year 1985. She can be best introduced as a perfectionist, who shows extreme compassion towards equal educational opportunities for one and all. She constantly motivates and trains her faculty and supporting staff in the best of ways to work towards achieving betterment in the education offered to the students. She corrects mistakes and unexpected issues by reasoning out the consequences, thus enabling her faculty to understand and follow her lead willingly. Her “attention to detail” attitude has helped in making them better persons that paved way for the formation of a better workforce.

She has always believed in equal chance for all and makes the impossible possible. This open mindset is what steered her in the direction of working towards more and equal opportunities for children with special needs. In the year 2008, she admitted the school’s first special child after he was unfortunately asked to discontinue his education at a reputed school. She has since been working in close association with ‘Special Educators’ for offering the same to many others like him. Today, children with special needs such as Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Hearing impaired, Physically challenged, etc are also accounting to her overall student population, are being offered the same opportunities as others in the school. They take part in almost all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities – talent shows, art and craft, music, dance, yoga, silambam, sports, exhibitions and what not. As a result of her continuous efforts and cooperation from teachers and parents, some of them are academic toppers. Often, children from other schools (even in class 8 and 9) are admitted to our school in the middle of their educational journey with barely any knowledge or skills. With the effort of her and her hardworking teaching staff, these children are made to excel in common board exams. The non-teaching staffs of the school are also very well-trained and take immense interest in the welfare of the students.

Members of her faculty work in great coherence with her and have enjoyed it since they joined her team. There have been many cases where those who resigned under different circumstances, came back to her seeking re-employment in a year or two after working elsewhere. Under her guidance, the school follows a unique system of education for pre-primary and primary students, for overall development and achieving age-appropriate skills. This system is a custom-made integration of Montessori teaching methods and other related learning systems developed to offer the best of education to children. The school offers support systems to children with learning difficulties and disabilities to help them also achieve their goals.