About Us

Orchid High Venkateshwaraa Matriculation School, started in 1985, is being managed by M. P. Soman Educational trust and has been known for its academic excellence and discipline ever since its inception. We are engaged at offering best-in-class curricula that focus on individual development of the child on multi-critical facets (viz. physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral) which transform the child into a self-driven and successful all round personality ready to face the world with superior confidence..

Activity based learning is encouraged in all classes and subjects. Montessori methodology of teaching is followed at nursery and lower primary levels. Mathematic kits by SSA are made available at our school to enable activity based learning.

Children of today use Information Technology, an integral part of our social lives to meet, play and learn. Our thoroughly upgraded computer facilities and Smart Boards play a significant role in making learning and research more effective for the children.

True education should be a lifelong pursuit that incorporates the essential elements of learning blended with individualized academic planning, creative freedom, and the development of characteristic traits such as personal integrity, honesty, self discipline and respect for others. We firmly believe that there is a direct relationship between the qualities of character and academic excellence that leads to student’s ultimate positive contribution to the community. Therefore, we strive to develop these positive qualities of character in our students and require these values to be showcased in our teachers and staff too. Apart from academics, music (since 1998), art and craft (since 1999) and yoga (since 2011) classes are being conducted every week as part of our curriculum.

Apart from academics, equal emphasis and attention is given for Sports activities as it helps students to be fit, improve their focus and develop team spirit. Participation in club activities is encouraged and considered a privilege. Our School is strengthened by its emphasis on various club activities; we have English & Tamil Literary clubs, Mathematics club, Science club, Social club, Consumer club, Scouts and Guides, JRC etc.which function more actively engaging large student participation. The students from class III and above take active part in all the club activities which results in marked changes in the attitude of the children. These clubs enable students to conduct and actively participate in the various activities, to grow their confidence and enhance all round development.

We also have an inclusive setup for special children. Children recommended for inclusion in regular schools are being admitted since 2010. In each class, about 10 to 15% of children are children with special needs. Designated assistant teachers help them with their individual needs. Counselors and Therapists for speech, OT, special education, etc. visit our school on regular basis for the benefit of these children. Inclusive education is pairing of philosophy and pedagogical practices that allow each student to feel respected, confident and safe so that he or she can learn and develop to his or her full potential.

It is based on a system of value and beliefs centered on the best interest of students, which promotes social cohesion, belonging, active participation in learning, a complete school experience, and positive interaction with peers and others in the school community. Inclusive education is put into practice with school communities that values diversity and nurtures well-being and quality of learning of each of their members. Inclusive education is carried out through a range of public and community programs and services that are made available to all students.

  • We give all our students equal value
  • Our students are made to feel that they belong to our environment and are made to participate in co-curricular and extra -curricular activities
  • We treat each student with dignity and respect.
  • We take into account each student’s learning style in order to further their learning.
  • We have high but realistic expectations for each student, based on the student’s strength and weaknesses
  • We help in developing appropriate learning goals, which are in line with the set expectations, in a way that the student finds it useful and interesting.
  • Each student experiences a positive and supportive learning environment at all times and a safe, friendly and supportive school environment outside the classroom.

Value based education is being offered to the students since 1985. We have never excluded PET or moral instruction periods from our timetable even for board going students. Weekly Library periods in the regular timetable for primary classes make them develop interest in reading for pleasure and knowledge. Children of high school are allowed to borrow books from the library on a weekly basis. In addition, class library copies of selected books are also maintained to develop reading habit in children. Handwriting classes are also in place for all our students (Kindergarten to Class X).

We have signed up with Ez Vidhya, India's top notch premier education research & innovation organization, to bring about changes in the way the students learn - train them to think and apply instead of just follow others’ footsteps- the emphasis being "SAY NO TO MEDIOCRITY IN EDUCATION". On the whole, we always have built a friendly atmosphere for the parents and provided lots of ways and means for our students to explore, experience and enjoy education.

The ratio of Teacher to students is below 1:20 giving all the necessary special care to every individual child where the teacher knows each student’s mentality and special abilities.

From K.G to Std. II, school provides all stationery items to the students and for the classes from Std. III to Std. VIII, printed notes of main subjects in addition to their class work and home work notes are given to the students for their learning purposes.

Since most of the parents haven’t had an opportunity to update themselves with the latest emerging technologies and thus not being able to guide their children at home, we have taken the lead to equip our children by providing them with all necessary learning resources related to academic, curricular, co–curricular and extracurricular activities.

The Management provides admission for children who have learning disabilities like Dyslexia, LD, Autism and also a special substitute teacher is allowed to assist the class teacher and Therapists for speech & Occupational therapy in order to take special care of such children.

Pull out sessions are facilitated to the children with special needs in their known atmosphere to avoid the trouble of travelling. Group counselling is given for children at all levels and one to one sessions are conducted for children with special needs, children with low performance in academics and some children with behavioural issues

Weekly Special guidelines, counseling and awareness are created to all the teachers, special teachers and monthly meetings for the parents of special children and other children are organized.

We promise to give education with creative skills combined with respect and care that the students deserve and promote them as effective learners. They achieve sound academic qualification along with the right nurturing on strong set of values that they take in to the outside world and march proudly as a successful individual.